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Dr. Umar Yusuf Madaki

In this era of emerging technologies & advanced sciences, developed nations are focusing on applied research by using knowledge linkages between scientists, engineers, and researchers. Mathematics & Statistics form the backbone for knowledge development for scientists and engineers. Our focus is to produce sound mathematicians, statisticians and engineers equipped with modern mathematics tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems.
I strongly believe that nobody becomes prominent Engineer/Scientist without significant knowledge of Mathematics & Statistics.
Department of Mathematics & Statistics can offer help to other departments/branches in the following manner:
BE/ME dissertation guidance related to Mathematical derivations.
Ph.D. scholar/Faculty member for conducting research work related to Mathematical & Statistical Analysis such as problem-solving, derivation of equations, statistical techniques etc.
As an important human endeavor, mathematics has come to be recognized as the language of science. Mathematics & Statistics is one of the oldest academic subjects and is one of the most mature and well-developed disciplines of basic sciences. Mathematics & Statistics, the study of quantity, structure, space, and change, is used as an essential tool in natural sciences, engineering, medicine and the social sciences. The subject seeks to establish truth by arduous deduction, being the core foundation of the Field of Engineering, aids to build Analytical, Reasoning & Logical skills of the future Engineers and Researchers.

Dr. Umar Yusuf Madaki, MPSSN, MIPMA, MNSA
Head of Department